Lame is a new Amiga group.

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Greetings to:

Zeronine^Quadlite, Dark Blitter^Alcatraz, Audiomonster^Melon, Leonard^Oxygene, H0ffman^The Twitch Elite, Nivrig, jtruk/Rift, Sir GarbageTruck, NE7^Triad, Irata^Red Sector Inc, Phil^Thrust

And from back in the days:

Derek^The Kent Team, Wonderboy^Megaforce, Davideo^RDAP|RCAP, ObiHoan^Quartex, DrMabuse^D.O.C, DrAwesome^Crusaders, MrVideo^Dragons^Angels, Frankie^Alpha Flight, Fred^Ackerlight,Gryzor^Dreamdealers, Drosan^CPX, Vision Factory, Fairlight, The Silents,The Champs, E.C.A, Paranoimia, Piranhas, Sanity, World of Wonders, Razor 1911, Scoopex, SkidRow, The Mega-Mighty Swiss Cracking Association, The Band, Wild Copper, Tristar, Bamiga Sector One, Phenomena, Unit-A, The Bitstoppers, Rebels, Black Monks, The Star Frontiers, The Movers, Kefrens, Dual Crew-Shining, Sanity, Paradox, Splipstream, Defjam and CCS, Oracle and of course to all the lamerz out there! ;)

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